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Thank you for considering Back To Bush Reptile Relocation's. Here you will find reviews left by our clients on Facebook & Google all in the one place for your consideration. If you have previously used our service and would like to review us, please visit our Facebook or Google page!

With her many years of experience handling venomous snakes, Back To Bush Reptile Relocations is the only business I'd trust to come and keep my family safe from snakes and dangerous wildlife, and safely remove them back to the bush. I highly recommend. View Review On Facebook

Brad Broadhurst

100% would recommend. its very difficult to find that kind of dedication and passion for the job like she has. View Review On Facebook

Timothy King

What to do if you encounter a snake/reptile at home

Remember to remain calm. It is very likely that the animal is more scared of you that you are of them. Most snakes/reptiles want to be left alone and will quite often want to get away. Always keep a SAFE DISTANCE between yourself and the animal. Most reptiles can move pretty quickly but will often look to escape than attack. NEVER corner the animal as this can cause it to feel threatened. KEEP PETS/CHILDREN AWAY as the more interaction the reptile has, the more agitated it may become. DO NOT attempt to interact, approach, capture, remove or even kill the animal, as this is quite likely to result in a bite. 95% of people that are admitted to hospital for snake bite treatment, were trying to interfere with the snake. Contact Back To Bush Reptile Relocation's immediately and remain vigilant. It is important that you keep a constant watch until we arrive as reptiles are very quick and excellent at hiding. If the snake is in the home and you don't wish to remain in the same area, secure the animal within an area where windows and doors are closed.


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